What do I wear for my photos?
I’m probably going to dedicate a whole blog post to this topic very soon, but for now, check out my Pinterest boards for inspiration (gals / guys)! Generally speaking, though, neutral colors work best. Stripes are great, but make sure they aren’t skinny stripes since they come out looking skewed on camera. Layers look fantastic on camera, so if you can do it without getting too toasty (thanks Texas weather!), go for it!

When will I receive my photos?
It can take me anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks to go through and edit the photos depending on how many photos we took and what my schedule is.

How do I access my photos after the shoot?
After I am done editing all of your images, I will upload them to a private online gallery on my client proofing site. I will send you a link to your gallery along with a password and a PDF guide on how to use it. All digital files are purchased and downloaded from this site. All prints ordered through this site will be printed by a professional photo lab and shipped directly to the address you provide at checkout.

What do I need to bring with me to my session?
Please come with your hair and makeup done and ready to go. Also be sure to bring ways to touch up hair and makeup just in case it gets a little messed up due to the wind or sweat! If you are doing the Standard session, bring your extra outfit(s), including accessories. Make sure to put items that wrinkle easily on hangers so they look nice in your photos!

Does my cap and gown count as a second outfit, or just as one?
Your cap and gown doesn’t count as a separate outfit! As long as you don’t have to change your outfit and you can just remove your cap and gown, then you’re good to go 🙂

What camera equipment do you use?
I recently traded in all of my Nikon equipment for a Canon 5D Mark III.

How long have you been a photographer?
I got my first DSLR camera in 7th grade, but my pictures were pretty horrendous back then! I started improving when I got to high school, where I focused primarily on sports photography. Since coming to college, I’ve steered away from sports and have been shooting mainly portraits and lifestyle photos.

Will you travel to take my pictures?
Generally, no. I’m a full-time student and always have something going on with school, studying, or my sorority, so it’s hard to find time to travel for a shoot. But if you’re willing to come to Waco (or fly me to Iceland 😉), I would love to take your pictures!