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June 26, 2018

My Favorite Photography Gear + Resources

I frequently get questions about what gear I have, what services I use to run my photography business, and what resources I recommend for photographers, so I decided to dedicate a blog post to this very topic! I’ll be updating it whenever I get some new gear or find a new resource that I think is worth sharing. Let’s dig in!

My Gear

Canon 5D Mark IV + Mark III

About a year ago, I decided to trade in all my Nikon gear and pair down to just a few high-quality Canon items. Canon isn’t better than Nikon (from what I can tell, anyway), but it’s more of a user preference. After shooting on Nikon for years and years, I had borrowed a friend’s Canon camera and it just felt better to me.

The Mark IV is my primary camera, and the Mark III is my backup. Get the Mark IV here and the Mark III here.

Canon 85mm f/1.2L II

Y’all. I could not be more obsessed with this lens. My photography professor at school allows us to check out lenses for our projects, and I decided to check this one out once. I didn’t want to give it back after shooting with it (but I had to), so I ended up getting one of my own two days later. 

It’s a phenomenal portrait lens, especially when you shoot it wide open at f/1.2. It’s been the only lens I’ve used since I got it, and I definitely think it’s worth the money. Get it here.

Sigma 35mm Art f/1.4

I just recently purchased this lens and love it! It works great for indoor shoots, and I use it quite a bit when shooting weddings. Get it here.

Lyra Camera Bag

I went WAY too long without a camera bag, but I really wanted to save up and get a high-quality bag that would last for years and hold all my stuff. This bag totally fits the bill! There are a million pockets, and it holds so much stuff. Currently, I have both my camera bodies (with a battery grip on the Mark IV), my film camera, four lenses, a flash, and all my SD cards—seriously, it can hold everything. There’s even a laptop sleeve in the back!

I have this bag in the tan color, and I cannot recommend it enough. Get it here.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card (64 GB)

I love this card! It writes the images really quickly which is very helpful when I’m clicking away nonstop during a shoot! Get it here.

Canon BG-E20 Battery Grip

This is a super solid battery grip. I love that I don’t have to charge my camera quite as often, and the extra shutter release saves my wrists from getting all bent and twisty during a shoot haha. Get it here.

iMac 27-inch Retina Display

This is the computer I do all my editing on! I will also occasionally edit on my Macbook Pro if I’m on the go, but 99% of my editing is done of this desktop. Get it here.

External Hard Drive

BACK. UP. YOUR. IMAGES. Seriously!!! It’s a photographer’s worst nightmare to lose all your photos (especially if you haven’t even had the chance to edit or deliver them yet). It’s happened to me before, and I don’t ever want to have to deal with that again. Your computer can crash, and these external hard drives can crash, so if the photos are important, save them in several spots. These things are also great if you don’t have a ton of storage on your computer! Get it here.



I have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud with the student discount. I just did the photography plan for the past 2 years, but I recently upgraded to the full creative cloud so I could use Premier, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. 


I’ve made my own presets that are based on presets I’ve purchased from other photographers with all the tweaks I found myself making. Here are some of my favorite presets that are a great starting point for your editing:

Resources + Tools

Website Recommendations

Some great places to build your own website include:


I recently took the leap and signed up for Honeybook, and it has honestly changed everything for my workflow! It makes everything so incredibly easy, from signing contracts to accepting payments to email templates. I wish I would have signed up so much sooner because the time I’ve saved has been well worth the money I spent on the service. Want 20% off? Use my referral link here!

I currently use Pixieset for my client galleries, but ShootProof is also a great option!

Photography YouTube Channels

That’s all for now! If you have any other questions for me, leave me a comment below or send me an email, and I’ll get back to ya!

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