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July 24, 2018

Six Reasons You Should Take College Senior Photos


I’m sure you remember getting your high school senior photos taken four years ago! I don’t know of a single person off the top of my head from my graduating class that didn’t get their senior pictures taken—it just seemed like something that everyone knew to do.

To be totally honest, I didn’t know college senior photos were even a thing until I started getting approached my sophomore year by girls in my sorority who wanted me to take their graduation photos! But after 2 years of being booked solid during senior photo season, I actually wonder why more people aren’t making them a priority!

I’m guessing a lot of people just don’t really see the point in getting their photos taken, or maybe they don’t think they matter enough to invest in a session, but I’m here to tell ya that couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are six things you can do with your senior photos and why you should invest in this experience!

1. Post them on Instagram.

Okay, okay, this one’s a little obvious. But I mean…who doesn’t love posting new, beautiful photos of themselves on their social media?! Rather than waiting to post a grainy photo one of your relatives took of you on their iPhone, why not post a high-quality image from your senior session instead? You may even want to update your profile picture across your social media accounts to appear more professional and like a real ~adult~.

Not to mention the fact that you just accomplished something HUGE!!! You’re graduating college! With a degree! You put in plus-or-minus 4 years of hard work and you’re finally done! That’s something that’s worth celebrating!

2. Get a new headshot image.

Whether you’re going to grad school, applying for jobs, or you’ve already been hired and are about to enter the workforce, everyone needs an updated headshot. Chances are, you’re going to arrive at your senior photo shoot with immaculate hair, flawless makeup, and a super cute outfit, so rather than having to do that all again, ask your photographer to get one really good headshot for you to use! Update your LinkedIn profile picture, add it to your resume, or use it for your grad school applications (I’m looking at you, pre-med students!).

3. Surprise your mom and dad.

This is one of my FAVORITE things! I’ve had several of my seniors tell me their parents don’t know they are getting their senior photos done, and they want to surprise them by either sending them their gallery or ordering some prints and getting them framed! Your parents have supported you for years (and they’ve probably invested quite a bit in this whole college thing!), and it’s a gift that they will absolutely love and treasure forever! Trust me, all the seniors I’ve had that have done this have said their moms cried when they finally gave them the photos!

4. Make a graduation announcement.

Graduation announcements are still a thing in college like they were in high school! Create a graduation announcement card using an online design service like Vistaprint, Pear Tree, Minted, or Shutterfly and send them to relatives or family friends! You can include information about when you graduate or how they can attend (or where they can watch a livestream if your school does that!). Who knows, they may even mail you a graduation present in return 😉

5. Brand yourself.

Personal branding is so important, and it’s increasingly becoming an essential part of being a working professional. I have an image on my computer called “Brand Board” which is essentially an inspiration and reference board for my personal brand (which also happens to be my photography brand too!). I have a list of the fonts that I consistently use on all my documents (like my resume or photography invoices) and my website, as well as a color scheme that is cohesive across the board.

I myself have brand photos! If you browse my website, you will probably notice that most of the photos that I’m in are all a very similar color scheme (I’m even wearing the same dress). This helps continue my brand across all my platforms!

I like to take new brand photos once a year in order to keep up with my ever-evolving brand and style. You can do the same with your senior photos by choosing at least one outfit that’s consistent with your personal brand’s style and colors!

6. Have fun (and get cute photos!) with your best friends!

I recently blogged a session from this past semester of two best friends who decided to do their session together (you can view the full blog post of the session here). Both girls were able to get plenty of photos individually, but we also did several of them together. Those photos will be so much fun for them to look back on years from now and remember how much fun they had in college! 

But pleeeeease be sure to check with your photographer ahead of time to make sure it’s okay for you and your best friend to share a session! You may have to pay a small fee for sharing the session (more people = more work for the photographer!). Even if the price remains the same, you still need to let your photographer know ahead of time so they are able to prepare! There’s nothing quite as stressful and awkward as showing up for a session to find out that you’re actually photographing two seniors…and a couple… (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything! 😅)

So there ya have it!

There are just a few of many reasons why you should get photos taken to celebrate this monumental accomplishment! Have more ideas for what you can do with your images? Leave a comment below!




Welcome to the blog—my journnal about my recent work, faith, and everyday life. Grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile!

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