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October 4, 2018

The Caroline Logan Workshop Recap

One day I was scrolling through Instagram when one of Caroline Logan’s photos popped up in my feed. I’ve been following Caroline’s work for awhile now and admire her beautiful work and the way she runs her business so much. I decided to look on her website to see if she had any sort of business mentoring available, and in the process of doing that, I came across her workshop! As I skimmed through the information about it and saw there were still spots available, I immediately called my parents to make sure they were cool with it if I skipped a couple days of school to go. My parents, being the incredible people they are, were totally on board and encouraged me to sign up right away!

Unfortunately the workshop had sold out in the time I was checking with my parents, but I emailed Caroline and told her I for sure wanted to go and to let me know if a spot opened up. She emailed back within minutes (even though she was on vacation with her family at the time!), and said a spot had just opened up and it was mine if I wanted it! Y’all, I was PUMPED. Then began the several loooooong months of waiting for the workshop to finally begin!

When September 22 finally arrived, I flew from Austin to Baltimore where I met up with Jaimi and Emma. We’d never met before, but we rented a car and started off on our 2 1/2 hour drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania! When we arrived at the CUTEST Airbnb, we met our other roommate for the weekend, Lindsey!

Friday night we went to Caroline’s house for a meet and greet, ice cream, and a game of Catch Phrase, and I knew right away that I made the right decision to attend the workshop (even though I was simultaneously trying not to think about the fact that I’d be taking a zero on a test that I was missing on Monday lol).

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early so we could take photos inside our Airbnb (gotta create that Instagram content haha). Then we went to Caroline’s house for breakfast and started in right away on the lessons! After several sessions jam-packed with content, we walked over to a beautiful co-working space, Hingework, and met Kiandra and Jordan (a.k.a. the cutest couple ever!!!). I have been DYING to share more of these images with y’all, so check out some of my favorites below!

I mean seriously, is that not the most BEAUTIFUL couple/decorations/flowers/literally everything you’ve EVER SEEN?!?! I was saying “OH MY GOSH I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS” on repeat throughout the entire day. A HUGE thank you to all the vendors that participated in the shoot and made it so incredibly dreamy! Be sure to check out all their links at the end of this post!

These are all the lovely ladies who attended the workshop! It was so fun getting to meet so many other incredible photographers from all over the country. They were all so wonderful, and it’s been so much fun connecting with them on social media since the workshop ended! Check them out below!

Sami | Abbe | Myra | Jaimi | Maggie | Lane | Caroline | Emma | Kasey | Amber | Chelsea | Lindsey | Elizabeth

After the styled shoot, we went back to Caroline’s house for more lessons and dinner. When we got back to our Airbnb later that night, all I wanted to do was edit we took during the day (I didn’t edit all 900+, but I for sure stayed up later than I should have editing some of them 😉 )

Day two was filled with the literally the most helpful information EVER, and I am still absorbing all Caroline taught us when I look over the pages and pages of notes I took. Caroline also took headshots for us…aaaaand some of us also took the opportunity to take some more fun photos in Caroline’s gorgeous house! (also can we please talk about how PERFECT this blue velvet couch is?!)

 photos by Emma Farr Photography photos by Emma Farr Photography

 photos by Caroline Logan Photography photos by Caroline Logan Photography

I’m missing this workshop so much, and I’m so grateful I was able to attend! If you know me, you know it was a little out of character for me to travel halfway across the country to spend the weekend with 14 people I’ve never met before. But Caroline and every person I met at the workshop were all so kind, friendly, and welcoming, and I will always be thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit for this.

Caroline is such an inspiration for me in both how she has grown her business from such a young age to the way she incorporates her faith into every single aspect of her life. Thank you so much for your generosity, hospitality, and kindness throughout the entire workshop and the weeks that have since followed! You went above and beyond for us, and it was the best weekend ever! ♡

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