Hello, I’m Alison Plueckhahn! I’m a wedding & portrait photographer, lover of Jesus, recent Baylor University grad, and proud dog mom.

I want to make you feel like your coolest, prettiest, and most confident self when you stand in front of my camera, and I wholeheartedly believe that God has called me to use my talents to serve people just like you! I work hard to ensure that the entire process is stress-free from start to finish for my clients, with the end result being beautiful, timeless photos to treasure for years to come.

I also totally support you bringing your dog along to the shoot ;)

Hudson and I are getting married in November 2019! Counting down the days!!

my fiancé

I'm high-key obsessed with my English Retriever, Brighton! You don't even want to know how many photos I have of her on my phone...


Nothing makes me happier than starting off the day with a cup of coffee and my Bible!

morning Bible studies


I adore

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simple joy

Anything with coffee

The Office

Jeans with a striped t-shirt


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I adore using old school paper planners to keep track of my busy schedule! Maybe this is weird, but I seriously enjoy making a to-do list every day so I can check off each task as I complete it. Anyone else?!

checklists & planners


I may not be very good at arranging them, but picking up flowers from the grocery store to keep on my desk or in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to brighten my day!

grocery store flowers


I've loved antiques ever since I was a little girl! Walking through antique shops and finding hidden treasures is one of my favorite things!

antique shopping


Being a photographer means I spend A LOT of time behind a computer screen. To make it just a little more enjoyable, I love lighting a candle and playing some Taylor Swift!

candles & music while i work


Crafting is one of my favorite creative outlets, and I looooove starting new projects in my spare time! Walking around a craft store and getting new supplies makes me crazy happy!

craft store shopping

My "WHY"

the heart behind my business

I used to SWEAR I'd never be a wedding photographer. In fact, a large portion of my career has been spent photographing sports! One conversation with me about sports and you'd understand how ironic that is! :)

But back in high school, I started working as a second photographer with some local wedding photographers to earn a little extra money. I was surprised by how much I loved photographing weddings, but more than that, I constantly had ideas running through my head about what I would do differently.

I wanted to be more than just another hired vendor on the wedding day; I wanted to get to know the couple, their friends, and family. I wanted them to understand how overjoyed I was that they finally got to marry the person of their dreams! I wanted to cultivate a feeling of community—not just treat my brides as yet another client.

It all came full circle as my boyfriend and I started talking about getting married once we graduated college! All of a sudden, I saw the wedding planning experience from my brides' perspective. Once we got engaged, I knew more than ever that I wanted to serve women just like me on the most important day of their lives! 

It brings me so much joy when I get to help my brides and grooms throughout the engagement season as they plan their wedding. I love being their hype-woman when the big day finally arrives and serving them throughout the entire process. 

Getting to celebrate with the most amazing couples as they begin their marriage is such a gift from God, and I truly believe I have the best job in the world!